Wig Adhesives - Solvents Based vs. Water Based

​We understand that with the range of wig adhesives available can make the selection process a little overwhelming. We hope to break down the jargon. The first person you should discuss wig adhesive selection is with a professional stylist/ hairdresser. 

Adhesive hold can be affected by a range of factors including but not limited to body chemistry, lifestyle, climate etc. It may be useful to have an idea of and note the following for discussion with your professional stylist/hairdresser:

  • How long will you wear your wig
  • Climate you are situated in (hot, cold, humid, dry), Weather Forecast & Seasons (what product would be needed for Winter, Spring, Summer + Autumn)
  • Lifestyle demands (Athlete, Office Worker etc)

Water-Based Adhesives or Solvent-Based Adhesives?

Traditionally wig adhesives are solvent-based. This technology has been around for a while and some awesome wig/Toupee adhesives are around for extended wear. This type of glue requires specialised skin preparation solutions prior to application as well as solvents for removal.

Excellent Water based adhesives are now currently available which are generally much gentler on the skin compared with traditional Wig/Toupee adhesives. 

  • They usually require less preparation time
  • Easier to apply (more seamless, not stringy like traditional glues)
  • Easier to remove (with soap and water) -  Can offer a pretty decent hold! 

It's important to note that the water based glue may not last as long as the traditional glue so if your required wear is for more than two months, the solvent-based adhesives could be a better choice.

Above All: Consult Your Stylist with the appropriate training and expertise! We do not recommend applyinug or removing your Wig, Toupee / Hair System at home.

Let your Stylist check out some of the products we have available at Haircaredelight.co.uk

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