Custom Lace Wig Cap Construction

Whether your a Lace Wig Newbie, Regular Lace Wig wearer or Lace Wig Pro it is always useful to be aware of the various Lace Wig Cap Constructions particularly important when choosing your Custom Lace Wig unit. Each Cap Construction is made with a unique design which affects the attachment method, fit and natural appearance of the unitCustom Cap Constructions can be made with French Lace or Swiss Lace however Lace Cap preference is dependent on the wearer and can vary depending on the wearer.

Lace Cap Constructions include Lace in the Front (Stretch at the Back), Brazilian Cap, Full Lace, Full Lace with Stretch at Crown (In the Middle), Full Fish Net, Full Lace with Stretch (Ear to Ear), Lace at Front (Stretch at Back), Camille-4 Cap, Full Stretch Lace, Jewish Wig Cap, Kerstin-3, Lace with Thin Skin at Perimeter, Regular Wig Cap and Lace at Front with Machine Weft Back.

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