Santiella Wave Lace Front Wig #1b/#30

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Santiella Wave Lace Front Wig #1b/#30 A stunning  wavy Lace Front Wig crafted with gorgeous and attention grabbing locks.

The Santiella Wave Lace Front Wig #1b/#30 exhibits attention-grabbing waves and trouble-free wave control which makes it an ideal selection for style versatility. Straighten or style for flawless hairstyles and reactivate refined waves with the simple touch of water.

This Santiella Wave Lace Front Wig #1b/#30 is made with 100% Premium Quality Indian Remy human hair.  With Remy hair, the cuticle layer (outermost part of the hair strand) is preserved and flows in the same direction. This quality is particularly important in the reduction of tangling and length of use.

Each strand of hair on this lace wig is carefully tied by hand to a weightless, skin tone coloured lace material. You can blow-dry, straighten and curl the hair on this beautiful unit to create a range of absolutely amazing hairstyles.

Lace Front Wigs have 3.5 inches of lace at the front for a front parting which suits your style.  This enhances style flexibility allowing you to create a parting (middle, side etc.) which looks and feels so natural.